Door grid types


const int Renga::GridTypes::Door::DoorLining = 5
 Faces of a door lining.
const int Renga::GridTypes::Door::Frame = 1
 Faces of a frame for fillers with glass.
const int Renga::GridTypes::Door::Glass = 3
 Faces of a glass pane.
const int Renga::GridTypes::Door::Platband = 7
 Faces of a door platband.
const int Renga::GridTypes::Door::Reveal = 4
 Faces of a wall appearing as a result of a window insertion.
const int Renga::GridTypes::Door::Solid = 2
 Faces of solid fillers.
const int Renga::GridTypes::Door::Threshold = 6
 Faces of a door threshold.
const int Renga::GridTypes::Door::Undefined = 0

Possible grid types for a Door mesh