Door mesh types


const GUID Renga::MeshTypes::DoorReveal = {05128daa-a1b4-4d54-9059-642e24fc2e2f}
 Meshes of this type are reveals of a wall where a door is inserted. Only these meshes are provided for structure-less doors.
const GUID Renga::MeshTypes::DoorPanel = {79f4ace1-a83f-46ce-b624-718d6a3eaf5f}
 Door panels.
const GUID Renga::MeshTypes::DoorTransom = {57575977-f985-4b3f-a1d3-e3cd4b5ececa}
 Door transom.
const GUID Renga::MeshTypes::DoorLining = {76d92c66-6b63-47a3-be05-535a6fe630c3}
 Door lining.
const GUID Renga::MeshTypes::DoorThreshold = {386ee889-38aa-4016-9e62-6b893f99ce43}
 Door threshold.
const GUID Renga::MeshTypes::DoorPlatband = {6375f041-2f95-4824-b8b5-43122626b46c}
 Door platband.

Possible mesh types for a Door object