IRegion2D Interface Reference

Region in two-dimensional space. More...

Inheritance diagram for IRegion2D:

Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetContour ([in] int index, [out, retval] ICurve2D **ppContour2D)
 Get contour by the index.
HRESULT GetContourCount ([out, retval] int *pCount)
 Get the number of contours including the outer contour.
HRESULT GetOuterContour ([out, retval] ICurve2D **ppContour2D)
 Get outer contour of the region.

Detailed Description

Region in two-dimensional space.

A region represents a connected set of two-dimensional points, which boundaries are described by contours. Contours of the region are represented by polycurves wich are closed and not self-intersected (but there may be self-contacts). In arbitrary region there is only one external contour (positive traverse of external contour is performed counterclockwise) and several internal contour (positive traverse of internal contour is performed clockwise) which are completely located inside external contour (or may contact it).