ITransform3D Member List

This is the complete list of members for ITransform3D, including all inherited members.

AddRotation([in] Vector3D *axis, [in] double angle)ITransform3D
AddTranslation([in] Vector3D *translation)ITransform3D
GetCopy([out, retval] ITransform3D **ppCopy)ITransform3D
GetElement([in] int rowIndex, [in] int columnIndex, [out, retval]double *pValue)ITransform3D
GetMultiplied([in] ITransform3D *pTransform, [out, retval] ITransform3D **ppResult)ITransform3D
SetElement([in] int rowIndex, [in] int columnIndex, [in]double value)ITransform3D
TransformPoint([in] Point3D *pPoint, [out, retval] Point3D *pResult)ITransform3D
TransformVector([in] Vector3D *pVector, [out, retval] Vector3D *pResult)ITransform3D