IBuildingInfo Interface Reference

Contains information about building. More...

Inheritance diagram for IBuildingInfo:

Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetAddress ([out, retval] IPostalAddress **ppAddress)
 Returns the building address.
HRESULT GetProperties ([out, retval] IPropertyContainer **ppPropertyContainer)
 Returns the property container for the building.


BSTR Description [get, set]
 The description.
BSTR Name [get, set]
 The building name.
BSTR Number [get, set]
 The building number.
GUID UniqueId [get]
 This ID is generated when the project is created and can never be changed.
BSTR UniqueIdS [get]
 Same as UniqueId, but returning GUID as a string.

Detailed Description

Contains information about building.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAddress()

HRESULT GetAddress ( [out, retval] IPostalAddress ** ppAddress)

Returns the building address.

An address.

◆ GetProperties()

HRESULT GetProperties ( [out, retval] IPropertyContainer ** ppPropertyContainer)

Returns the property container for the building.

A property container.