IRebarStyle Interface Reference

Represents a rebar style. More...

Inheritance diagram for IRebarStyle:


double Diameter [get]
 The rebar diameter in millimeters.
BSTR GradeName [get]
 The rebar grade name.
double GradeTensileStrength [get]
 The rebar grade tensile strength.
int Id [get]
 The rebar style ID.
int MaterialId [get]
 The rebar material.
BSTR Name [get]
 The rebar style name.

Detailed Description

Represents a rebar style.

IRebarStyle describes the style of the rebar used in the reinforcement. IRebarStyle is applicable to objects with parametric reinforcement style, namely to walls, columns, beams, etc. It is also applicable to reinforcement unit style (reinforcement grid or cage). This interface can be obtained from IReinforcementUnitStyleManager interface. Rebar style ids, used in the object or reinforcement unit, can be obtained from IRebarUsage interface, see IReinforcementUnitStyle::GetRebarUsages, IObjectReinforcementModel::GetRebarUsages.

See also
IReinforcementUnitStyle, IObjectReinforcementModel, IRebarUsage, Object reinforcement help