IReinforcementUnitStyle Interface Reference

Represents a reinforcement unit style. More...

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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetRebarUsages ([out, retval] IRebarUsageCollection **ppRebarUsageCollection)
 Returns the collection of IRebarUsage objects.


int Id [get]
 The reinforcement unit style ID.
BSTR Name [get]
 The reinforcement unit style name.
ReinforcementUnitType UnitType [get]
 The type of reinforcement unit style.

Detailed Description

Represents a reinforcement unit style.

IReinforcementUnitStyle describes the style of the fabricated reinforcement unit, such as reinforcing mesh or reinforcing cage. IReinforcementUnitStyle is applicable to objects with reinforcement style, namely to walls, columns, beams, etc. This interface can be obtained from IReinforcementUnitStyleManager interface. Reinforcement unit style ids, used in the object, can be obtained from IReinforcementUnitUsage interface, see IObjectReinforcementModel::GetReinforcementUnitUsages.

See also
IObjectReinforcementModel, ReinforcementUnitType, IReinforcementUnitUsage, IRebarUsage, Reinforcement units help

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetRebarUsages()

HRESULT GetRebarUsages ( [out, retval] IRebarUsageCollection ** ppRebarUsageCollection)

Returns the collection of IRebarUsage objects.

Collection of IRebarUsage objects.