System types


const GUID DomesticColdWater = {5fb17679-fb58-4334-ad64-61ee70f93c73}
 Unheated potable water distribution system.
const GUID DomesticHotWater = {5d30e610-c90e-4131-8420-4e1407d927a2}
 Heated potable water distribution system.
const GUID DomesticSewage = {846b0ccf-2d2c-4969-9d4d-80c6a99eca7c}
 Sewage collection system.
const GUID Exhaust = {d79acdf6-7b03-4d3b-99ad-baa026cba613}
 Exhaust air collection system for removing stale or noxious air from one or more spaces.
const GUID Firewater = {79c87e30-e47a-417e-bc42-e4e975e32e95}
 Water fire protection system.
const GUID Gas = {253272fd-8f97-44f9-bd8a-eba22685b48e}
 Gas-phase materials such as methane or natural gas system.
const GUID GaseousFireSuppression = {534ee7c8-1a8b-4c13-aed0-4e5d2d405776}
 Gaseous fire suppression, use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish fires.
const GUID Heating = {bd8b0304-08d5-46f2-8302-1f01000703f5}
 Water or steam heated from a boiler and circulated through radiators.
const GUID IndustrialColdWater = {a3bd2140-f051-441a-8e6e-50cfd32e627a}
 Unheated potable water distribution system for industrial purposes.
const GUID IndustrialHotWater = {b10b5bf4-29a6-4000-ad13-b65d5c2145da}
 Heated potable water distribution system for industrial purposes.
const GUID IndustrialSewage = {101c7d57-93cf-47e0-8677-378f97299662}
 Industrial wastewater that is produced by industries as an undesirable by-product.
const GUID LightingCircuit = {b52d3d9e-7fad-4806-9fb6-43c4824a0866}
 A circuit dedicated for lighting, such as a fixture having sockets for lamps.
const GUID OtherDuctSystem = {4a3350ce-d47a-43c4-a4a5-a885f709852a}
 Userdefined duct systems.
const GUID OtherElectricalSystem = {68e42245-b06c-4698-8a91-c4238c3de0e4}
 User-defined electrical systems.
const GUID OtherPipeSystem = {6a969910-fc2b-44d3-b474-928955d4ca4d}
 User-defined pipe systems.
const GUID PowerCircuit = {57464fee-9d42-4854-b665-12c149005bd1}
 A circuit for delivering electrical power.
const GUID Pressurization = {708e1a09-58f4-47f9-9717-da2dee5f0e51}
 Pressurisation is used to supply fresh air to any area of refuge, designated emergency evacuation or egress route.
const GUID Rainwater = {f5c48227-a0ee-4192-86a9-ccb2eb0b6718}
 Rainwater resulting from precipitation which directly falls on a parcel.
const GUID SmokeExhaust = {1ee4b2e9-6176-4063-888a-e1066956df92}
 Smoke exhaust is used to remove smoke from buildings to enable emergency evacuation as well as improved firefighting.
const GUID Vacuum = {6e5c471d-4314-4a62-9872-9c1b6be94424}
 Vacuum distribution system.
const GUID Ventilation = {d30973b8-a244-4c4f-91a9-a033ed2336b6}
 Ventilation air distribution system involved in either the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within a building.