IAction Interface Reference

Represents a user interface command. More...

Inheritance diagram for IAction:


VARIANT_BOOL Checkable [get, set]
 The action checkable state. More...
VARIANT_BOOL Checked [get, set]
 The action checked state. More...
BSTR DisplayName [get, set]
 The localized text to display for the action.
VARIANT_BOOL Enabled [get, set]
 The action enable state. More...
IImage Icon [set]
 The action icon.
GUID Id [get]
 The unique identifier of the action.
BSTR ToolTip [get, set]
 The localized tooltip for the action.
VARIANT_BOOL Visible [get, set]
 The action visible state. More...

Detailed Description

Represents a user interface command.

Actions can be assigned to menu items, added to Tool Panels, Split Buttons or Drop-down Buttons to handle corresponding user interface control commands. They contain a display name, an icon, a tooltip and handlers for the trigger and toggle events.

See _IActionEvents for a list of supported events.

See also

Property Documentation

◆ Checkable

VARIANT_BOOL IAction::Checkable

The action checkable state.

By default, the action is not checkable.

◆ Checked

VARIANT_BOOL IAction::Checked

The action checked state.

By default, the action is not checked.

◆ Enabled

VARIANT_BOOL IAction::Enabled

The action enable state.

By default, the action is enabled. Disabled actions cannot be triggered by the user. They still appear in menus and tool panels, but displayed in a way which indicates that they are unavailable.

◆ Visible

VARIANT_BOOL IAction::Visible

The action visible state.

By default, the action is visible.