ILayeredMaterial Interface Reference

Represents a multi-layered material. More...

Inheritance diagram for ILayeredMaterial:

Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetBaseLayer ([out, retval] IMaterialLayer **pMaterialLayer)
 Returns the base material layer. More...
HRESULT GetIdGroupPair ([out, retval] LayeredMaterialIdGroupPair *pIdGroupPair)
 Returns the identifier and group of the layered material. More...


int BaseLayerIndex [get]
 The index of the base material layer.
int Id [get]
 The identifier of the layered material.
IMaterialLayerCollection Layers [get]
 The collection of material layers.
BSTR Name [get]
 The name of the layered material.

Detailed Description

Represents a multi-layered material.

A multi-layered material is a material whose structure consists of one or more layers of ordinary materials. Such materials are applicable to objects with multi-layered material structure, namely to walls, floors and roofs.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBaseLayer()

HRESULT ILayeredMaterial::GetBaseLayer ( [out, retval] IMaterialLayer **  pMaterialLayer)

Returns the base material layer.

Base material layer.

◆ GetIdGroupPair()

HRESULT ILayeredMaterial::GetIdGroupPair ( [out, retval] LayeredMaterialIdGroupPair pIdGroupPair)

Returns the identifier and group of the layered material.

Identifier and group of the layered material.